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Durbac-CMC Newlands Pack Run

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This is one chilled run! Some of the finest forest roads and single track you can find, without any extreme climbing or descent. Just the thing to slowly start the holiday feeling permeate through you! This is a route for all to come and enjoy, and to appreciate some of the beauty we have right here in the city against the backdrop of one of the modern 7 wonders!


We have our UTCT runner stretching her legs on the 10k, very leisurely and gracefully. Nothing too serious, just enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest.
We have the Head Goat bumbling and stumbling his way to 15 km (ok, he’ll probably get lost and it will turn into a 20km). If all goes well we’ll head off towards Cecilia Forest. At some point turn around, and with some luck find our way back again. Through beautiful and scenic trails.
And if we are really lucky, we just may see the lesser spotted SkyRun maniac finisher join us as well. Purely to observe, of course!

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of disturbance :-)!

Please take note of the duration of the run as well as the weather and plan accordingly. You need to be self-sufficient as far as hydration and food are concerned, and wear weather appropriate clothing. We try to cater for everyone’s needs, but this is a pack run. Choose a group that reflects your abilities, and then stick together. It is fun!

When: Sunday, 26 November 2017
Time: 7:20, ready to run at 7:30am
Where: Newlands Forest Parking Lot, just off the M3
(Where the VWS Station and Helipad is)
Distance and Time:
Short: Around 10km – 90min
Medium: Around 15-20km – 2+ hours
Contact: Conrad 081 470 5370

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