Food from Fernwood (FfF)

FfF is part of the ‘food-basket’ initiative of the Newlands Community Action Network (CAN)


The Newlands CAN is involved in helping the Philippi CAN feed vulnerable people in their community through our “food baskets” and grocery collections (trolleys at Woolworths in Dean Street and Engen) initiatives. Fernwood CAN participants want to supplement these initiatives with a ‘Cupboard to Community’ grocery collection from your homes. We are
hoping that your cupboards have extra, so please look and take out what is spare.

What to give:
All good quality tinned/boxed food will be appreciated. The following are suggestions:
Tinned protein (fish, meat, beans); any tinned food is good; peanut butter, dried food such as samp, lentils, beans, mealie meal, oats rice, soup, stock cubes milk, flour; sugar, tea, coffee; also cooking oil, long-life milk, biscuits, rusks etc.

Items like soap, hand sanitizer, detergent, washing powder and bleach are also useful.

With the food, it is essential that the packaging is not open and that nothing is beyond its sell-by date.

What to do
Put what you can together in a cardboard box, or a carrier bag, and label it CAN.
Email us (see below) to let us know you have something to be collected, and give your address, but do not put it out in the street until you hear from us.

Please contact me, Patricia Whitelock by Friday 17 April.

You can also pass this on to your neighbours who may not have seen it, however, we will only be collecting from Fernwood and Hiddingh for the time being.

What will happen next
Once we have heard that several people are ready we will ask you, via email, to put your packages outside your house. Jill or someone from the CAN with an exemption will drive around and collect them for the Newlands CAN who will pass it on to the Philippi CAN.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Many thanks for your support.
Patricia Whitelock
Jill Thorne

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