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It Seems that Newlands Ticks ALL the boxes for Cape Town buyers!

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When purchasing a residential property in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, buyers often prioritise specific features. Here are the top ten aspects that residential property buyers seek, along with examples of suburbs where these features can be found:


  1. Location: Buyers are drawn to suburbs like Constantia, Newlands, Claremont, and Bishopscourt for their desirable location, proximity to amenities, good schools, and convenient access to major roads.
  2. Safety and Security: Suburbs such as Newlands, Rondebosch, and Tokai are known for their secure neighbourhoods, low crime rates, and robust security measures like gated communities or security systems.
  3. Property Size: Buyers often seek spacious homes in suburbs like Bishopscourt, Constantia, and Newlands and middle market Kirstenhof that offer ample living areas, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces such as gardens or yards.
  4. Views: Suburbs such as Camps Bay, Newlands, and Noordhoek provide breathtaking views of mountains, the ocean, or cityscapes, which are highly sought after by property buyers.
  5. Quality of Construction: Buyers appreciate well-built properties with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Suburbs like Bishopscourt, Constantia, and Newlands often feature homes with excellent construction standards.
  6. Amenities and Infrastructure: Suburbs like Claremont, Newlands, and Rondebosch offer easy access to amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, parks, recreational facilities, and public transportation, enhancing convenience and quality of life.
  7. Schools: Suburbs like Claremont, Newlands, and Rondebosch are renowned for their reputable schools. Buyers with children prioritise properties within the catchment area of these schools for excellent education opportunities.
  8. Outdoor Lifestyle: Suburbs such as Noordhoek, Constantia and Newlands with its famous forest offer a range of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, beaches, and nature reserves, attracting buyers who appreciate an active outdoor lifestyle.
  9. Privacy: Suburbs like Bishopscourt, Constantia, Newlands and Tokai offer properties with well-designed layouts that provide privacy from neighbours or busy roads, meeting the privacy preferences of buyers.
  10. Resale Value and Investment Potential: Buyers consider suburbs like Tokai, Claremont, Newlands and Constantia which have a history of strong property growth and development, ensuring potential for property appreciation and attractive resale value.

Remember, these examples are not exhaustive, and various suburbs within Cape Town’s southern suburbs may offer similar features. Additionally, individual buyer preferences may differ, and it’s essential for buyers to prioritise their specific needs when selecting a residential property.

  • by Andre de Villiers
    Real Estate Insider – May 2023