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Newlands Residents You Rock!

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100 food baskets more than we anticipated – U R ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

The Newlands CAN (NCAN), PHA Campaign and the Philippi CAN (PCAN)
collaborated to provide 350 food baskets to vulnerable households in
the Brown’s farm area. The food baskets feed an average household of
4 people for a week.

The PHA Campaign was amazing. They supported the NCAN and PCAN
with their backbone structure which included their volunteers, financial
administration of donations and procuring and packing the food
parcels. The Red Cross transported the food from the PHA Campaign to
the PCAN for distribution.

The PCAN food parcels were distributed to vulnerable households using
a voucher system. 250 vulnerable households were identified using th
criteria; large family size, unemployment, elderly, lack of grant support,
illness and those that are child-headed. PCAN took referrals from street
committees and followed with a visit every referred household to
ensure the criteria had been met and gave each household a voucher
for collection. Households were then notified when to collect their food
packages. They were required to bring the vouchers and sign upon
receipt the food. Social distancing was ensured during distribution.
Food packages were handed out over a period of time.

Initially, 64 food baskets were distributed, then 67 and 150. To date, 281 food baskets have been delivered. The balance is in the process of delivery. New vulnerable households were identified for the extra food baskets that
the NCAN was able to provide for.

The PHA Campaign food parcel initiative will be coming to an end
next week. All donations made after 11 May 2020 will go directly to the
PHA Campaign and support its food basket initiative.

However, for those of you who would like to continue to donate, we
are in the process of transitioning to a common change group account
for the Newlands / Philippi CAN partnership, with the intention of
continuing to work towards food security for Philippi’s most vulnerable.
Details of this will follow presently.