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The holiday time is here…

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For all Newlands residents, consider saving the following phone numbers on your phones with others for emergencies:

ADT Emergency Number: 086 1212300
Mountain Men Emergency Number: 0861 070 000
Fernwood Watch Control Room: 081 4223718 or 021 761 5336
Fires (Cape Town Disaster Risk Management Center): 080 911 4357

Thank you for your support in 2019
Enjoy the holidays!

Here are some security tips:

  • Ensure that your alarm is in working order. 
  • Ensure there are no gaps in your fence or unintentional points of access to your home that may need additional security.
  • Connecting outdoor lights to timers and motion sensors act as an additional deterrent.
  • Inform your neighbours about your holiday plans so that they can keep an eye on your property while you are away.
  • Stop all newspapers and other deliveries if applicable and arrange that someone collects your post while you are away. A bulging post box is a clear indication that you are not home.
  • If you have hired a house sitter, teach them how to use your alarm system correctly.
  • Make sure that all bushes or trees close to your doors and garage are trimmed, to avoid the possibility of intruders hiding behind them.
  • Be discreet when packing your car. Do so behind closed doors. If possible, in your garage.
  • Do a quick once-over before you leave on holiday. Double-check that you have locked and secured all windows and doors. Sliding doors can be secured simply by placing a piece of timber cut to size in the sliding rail. Don’t leave ladders, spades or tools outside as these can be excellent break-in tools. Ensure that all valuables and remote controls for automatic gates and garage doors are not left lying around.

Please make sure your pets are safe, looked after and fed.
For pet sitters, please pop into Blue Cross Vet in Mains Road, Newlands or give them a call. They have a notice board of pet sitters and dog walkers and they will happily recommend one to you.
Blue Cross Vet contact number: 021 674 4090

Lynne and Sally would like to wish you all a Happy, Safe, Holiday Season and may 2020 be filled with love, laughter, happiness plus loads of success.