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The next hotspot for digital nomads is nestled in Newlands Village

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While many South Africans are returning to the office, digital nomads are far from an extinct species. If you’re part of the digital nomad clan, then you know that as great as working from home can be, sometimes you need a little adventure or at least a change of scenery. Luckily, a hidden gem in Newlands Village will do just the trick.

As a remote-working, members-only sanctuary in the heart of the Southern Suburbs decentralised business node, werkhuis is a business club that aims to be the perfect balance between a traditional workspace and everything we’ve grown to love about working from home. 

Members get to choose their preferred workspace from Scandi-style hot desks to their “own” spots. You can come and go with your laptop or settle down in front of your permanent desktop – the choice is yours.

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