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What R5 Million Gets You In the Southern Suburbs

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By: 09 Oct 2020 by Jasmine Stone 

As a ‘townie’, who has lived in various rentals around the Cape Town CBD over the past five years, my idea of what constitutes a spacious home has become rather warped.

I see a listing with more than 100 square metres and I think to myself ‘ooooh, how roomy’, before baulking at the price.

If you’ve looked around at CBD properties, you’ll know the emotional struggle of seeing a two-bedroom apartment, with less than 100 square metres to dabble with, going for R5 million.

I’m not even singling that one above out, because you’ll find countless listings at a similar price range.

Out in the ‘burbs, it’s a very different story, so I thought I’d have a look at what five bar buys these days.

This four-bedroom house on Chas Everitt is actually going for R5,1 million, but what caught my eye was the plot size – 773 square metres. Stop it.

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